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Theses/Dissertations from 2005

Leadership for Special Needs Counseling: Understanding Student Perceptions, Leah Alviar

A Study of Leadership Perceptions of Managers in Select Companies in Taiwan That Utilize E-Learning, Ying-Ying Chang

Personality Traits and Their Relationship to Leisure Motivation and Leisure Satisfaction in Southern Taiwan University Students, Chien-Hong Chen

Significant Factors That Influence Students to Continue Study and to Pursue a Higher Degree at a Private Institute of Technology in Taiwan, Yi-Li Cheng

The Study of Differential Relationships Between Human Resource Practices and Organizational Commitment: Private Banking Industry in Taiwan, Heng-Yi Chen

Investigating the Relationship Between the Leadership Behavior and Organizational Performance at Branch Banks in Taiwan, Yu-Ta Chen


Elder Abuse: More Is Expected Unless Society and Newspapers Intervene, Betty Lou Guckian

Principals' Leadership and School Culture in Catholic Schools in Lebanon, Fadi Toni Helwanji

Critical Thinking Skills of Faculty Teaching Medical Subjects in a Military Environment, Carol First Hobaugh

Perceived Leadership Styles of Coaches and the Levels of Satisfaction and Performance of Elite Female Gymnasts in Taiwan, Shu-Chen Huang

A Correlational Study Between Junior High School Teacher Empowerment and Job Satisfaction in Kaohsiung Area of Taiwan, Cheng-Jen Hung

Effectiveness of the Scientific Inquiry Approach in Teaching Natural Science to First-Year College Students in a Philippine University, Luzviminda Miano Jimenez

The Exploration of the Relationship Between Taiwanese Executive Leadership Style and Knowledge Management Practice in Mainland China, Hsin Kao

Taiwanese Executives' Leadership Styles and Their Preferred Decision-Making Models Used in Mainland China, Peng-Hsiang Kao

A Study of Learning Styles as Indicators of Success for Online Mathematics Students in Texas Institutions of Higher Learning, Darla Cordes Kenward


Vampires in Literature: A Postmodern Study of Bram Stoker and Anne Rice, Christina Marie Link

Leadership Style and Organizational Culture: A Case Study in a College of Technology in Taiwan, Pao-Cheng Lin

Professors' and Practitioners' Perceptions of Contemporary Business Graduate Competencies, Pei-Kuan Lin

Perceptions of CEO Leadership Style and Professional Work Autonomy of Subordinates in Taiwanese Investment Companies, Yuan-Hsu Lin

A Study of University Physical Education Department Director Leadership Behavior and Physical Education Teacher Job Satisfaction in Northern Taiwan, Li-Wei Liu

An Inquiry in Caring: Valuing Secondary Students' Perspectives, Alycia Dawn Maurer

The Possible Relationship Between Leadership Style and Word-Spirit Orientation of Leaders in Protestant and Pentecostal Christian Churches in Taipei, Taiwan, Feng-Chen Peng


Limits of Temperature Tolerance of Leishmania Enriettii and Leishmania Hertigi in a Real-Time PCR Assay, Christina Salinas

Public Relations Practice in Nine Taiwanese Higher Educational Institutions, Mu-Li Yang

Theses/Dissertations from 2004

Leadership Behavior as Perceived by Collegiate Golf Coaches and Players in Taiwan and the Relationship to Basic Personality Traits, Bi-Fon Chang


Mirror Images of Invisibility-the Hispanic Journalist: How Does the Disproportionate Ratio of Local Hispanic News Anchors and Reporters Impact San Antonio Hispanics?, Rosa Sylvia Cruz

Factors in Job Satisfaction of High School Mathematics Teachers in Bexar County, Flor de Maria Garcia-Wukovits

An Investigation of the Factors Preferred by Adults in Fitness Clubs in Central Taiwan, Chen-Jung Hsieh

The Transformational and Transactional Leadership Styles of Physical Education Directors and Its Association to Physical Education Teachers' and Coaches' Leadership Satisfaction in Taiwanese Colleges, Chih-Hao Huang

Consumer Decision-Making, Perceived Product Value, and Purchasing Behavior in the Taipei Digital Camera Market, Ke-Ming Hung

Educational Experiences of Habitual Entrepreneurs, Paige Johnson-Hunter

The Effects of Downsizing on Employee Stress and Organizational Loyalty in the Healthcare Industry, Gary M. Kaiser

The Relationship Between Managers' Leadership Style and Employee Job Satisfaction in Taiwan Fashion Retail Department Stores, Lin-Chin Lin

The Relationship Between the Locus of Control of Department Chairs and the Perceived Professional Autonomy of Faculty Members in Related Sports Management Departments in Taiwan, Chia-Hui Liu

The Effect of Expansion to a Multicampus System on the Organizational Functions of an American Private University, Yen-Hsi Lo

Acculturation: Hispanic Women in the Workplace and What Makes Them Stay?, Maria Graciela Setien

Investigative Research of Leadership That Emerges Out of Latin-Style Dance Activities: The Dance of Leadership, Laura Michelle Shaw

In Search of a New Paradigm for Health Care: Consumer Perceptions of Provider Accessibility and Utilization, Cathy Lianne Starnes


Promoting Diversity: Recruitment, Selection, Orientation, and Retention of International Students, Murat Tas

Learning Organization Practices of Organ Procurement Organizations: A Key to Increasing Organ Donation, Martha L. Trevino

The Relationships Between Leisure Participation and Perceived Wellness Among Taiwanese Adults Ages 55 to 75 Years, Cheng-Yu Tsai

Online Auction Sites: Taiwanese Consumer Bidding Behavior, Yi-Hsien Tu

The Effect of Coach Leadership on Player Satisfaction in Volleyball in Taiwan, Tsung-Teng Wang

Rural Tourism in Taiwan: Motivation, Expectations, and Satisfaction, Hsiang-Te Yu

A Study of Mexican-American Women Achieving Academic Success Despite Adversity, Rose Zambrano

Theses/Dissertations from 2003

Recreation Program Management in U.S. Academic Institutions: Applications for Taiwan Institutions, Chin-hung Chen

Using U.S. Online Graduate Distance Education Successes to Make Recommendations for the Taiwan Higher Education System, Min-Hsin Chen

Leadership Style and Employees' Organizational Commitment: An Exploration Study of Managers and Employees of Hsin-Zhu Science Park, Chi Sheng Chien

Organizational Transition to Distance Learning at the United States Army Medical Department Center and School (AMEDDC&S), Jeanette G. Guardia

R. L. Moore and Radical Constructivism, Samuel Eric Hairston

Sports Fan Motivation and Level of Taiwan Professional Baseball Team Identification Among Taipei College Students, Mao-Chou Hsu

Taiwanese Elders: Successful Aging and Physical Activity, Chin-Yu Huang

The Relationships Among Leisure Participation, Leisure Satisfaction, and Life Satisfaction of College Students in Taiwan, Chun-Yen Huang

Physical Education Department Leadership and Effectiveness of Sports Facilities Management in Taiwan, Ying-Hua Hung

Attitudes of Professional Volleyball Players Toward Sports Sponsors and Sponsorship Practices in the United States, Kun-Ming Lee

The Study of the Relationships Among Leisure Participation, Leisure Satisfaction, and Life Satisfaction for Older Adults in Taipei, Taiwan, Suh-Ting Lin

The Perceived Impact of Organizational Layoff on Organizational Morale: Study of a Taiwanese Company, Yen-Fen Lo

Dataveillance and the Medical Industry: An Exploratory Study of South Texas Best Practices, Terri Lynne Mooney

Leadership Styles of African American Women Presidents of Colleges and Universities: Lifting as We Climb, Renee Thurston Moore

Influence of Cultural Sensitivity on Team Integration, Mary Ann Reyes

The Study of the Relationship Between Fine Arts Teachers' Leadership Style and Students' Self-Confidence in Taiwan Elementary Schools, Chung-Ko Wang

An Exploration of the Possible Relationship Between the Leadership Behavior of Coaches and the Measured Level of Sports Emotion Among Table Tennis Athletes in Taiwan, Chun-oh Wei

A Study of Presidential Leadership Style and Teacher Job Satisfaction in Institutes of Technology in Taiwan, Ming-Tsang Wu

Theses/Dissertations from 2002

The Impact of Recreation Sports Facilities on University Student's Social Interaction and Campus Culture, Chao-Chien Chen

An Exploration of the Relationship Between Technology Driven Information System and the Corporate Decision Making Style Among Top Management in Business Industries in the United States and Taiwan, Chun-Hao Chen


Analysis of Cultural Factors in Leadership and Succession Practices in Taiwan Businesses, Wen-Chiang Chen

The Quality of the Organizational Environment of Taiwan's Fitness Centers, Yen-Chuan Chen

A Study of the Leadership Role-Identity and Self-Expectation of the National Team Badminton Coach in Taiwan, Tsai-Sheng Chou

An Investigation of the Relationship Between Use of Information Technology and Company Size in Southern Taiwan Resort Industry, Feng-Hsiung Hou


Madonnas and Whores: The Dichotomy of Women's Roles as Portrayed in Women's Magazine Advertisements, Karen Celeste Kimbell

Park Chung Hee: Biographical Analysis of a Presidential Leader, (1961--1979), Myung Hee Kim

Discovering the Essential Power of T'ai Chi Ch'uan: The Yin and Yang of Leadership, Yi-Hsi Lee

An Examination of Leadership Style and Player-Coach Relationships in College-Level Soccer Programs, Jong-Yiing Lii

Collaborative Learning: Small-Group Collaboration in the Community College Environment, Joseph Pierce Sullivan

A Study of How Physical Recreation Activities Contribute to Senior Wellness, With A Recommended Taiwan Model, Li-Shu Tai

Living in Two Different Worlds: Exploring the Life Stories of Ten Nontraditional African American Reentry Women, Marie Pannell Thurston

Organizational Health of Philippine Colleges of Nursing Cited as Centers of Excellence and Its Relationship to Perceived Organizational Effectiveness and School Performance, Oscar Maramag Turingan

Perceptions of Female Taiwanese Students Related to Self-Defense Skills: Implications for Marketing Self-Defense Training Programs, Kuei-Yuan Wang

Reflections of African American CEOs of Community Colleges: Racial Identity and Educational Experiences in Segregated and Integrated Schools, Angela McPherson Williams

An Analysis of Management and Development Structure of Fitness Centers in Taiwan, Chin-Jung Wu

Theses/Dissertations from 2001

Comprehension Monitoring and Polya's Heuristics as Tools for Problem Solving by Developmental Mathematics Students, William Arthur Schurter

Emotional Intelligence as a Predictor of Graduation for Older Nontraditional Students in an Alternative College Degree Completion Program, Mickey Tehan

Theses/Dissertations from 2000


Self-Efficacy in Type 2 Diabetics, Joan M. Hyett


Eating Beliefs and Behaviors in Mexican-American Preadolescent Children, Liesl Thea Lappala


Newspaper Coverage of Nonreligious Paranormal Phenomena: A Content Analysis of the San Antonio Light and San Antonio Express-News, Pamela L. Parmer

Theses/Dissertations from 1999


Manipulating Images of Women's Power in Elizabethen England: Elizabeth I, Spenser, and Shakespeare, Amanda Kaye Martin


Stress Experienced by Respite Care Workers and Family Caregivers When Caring for Alzheimer's Patients, Monica D. Minewiser

Theses/Dissertations from 1996


Can Target Volume Breathing Exercises Taught Preoperatively Decrease Postoperative Pulmonary Complications for Cardiac Surgery Patients?, Lea Sol Lopez-Fagin

Theses/Dissertations from 1995


The Impact of a Health Education Program on the Attitudes of African-American Hypertensive Clients Regarding Adherence to a Prescribed Medical Regimen, Teresa Y. McPherson


The Effectiveness of a Preoperative Patient Education Handbook in Decreasing Anxiety of Veterans Undergoing Elective Surgery, Garletta White Steen

Theses/Dissertations from 1994


Ecofeminist Practice and Theory: The Empowerment of Women in Kenya, India and the United States, Latisha Ann Campbell


An Algebraic Approach to Derivatives, Julia Lee Roman


The Effect of Cardiac Rehabilitation on Quality of Life, Anxiety, and Self-Care in Coronary Artery Disease Patients, Susan Susskind Wilkinson

Theses/Dissertations from 1993


Spirituality Among Terminally Ill Hospitalized Adults and Healthy Non-Hospitalized Adults in a Military Environment, Richard M. Holt


Whirling Darkness: Witchery's Ascent in the Writings of Leslie Marmon Silko, Kristin Monahan


An Analysis of The New York Times Coverage of the Anita Hill/Clarence Thomas Sexual Harassment Conflict, Donna Arnold Oates


Comparison of the Geographic Variation in Two Species of Ground Squirrels (Spermophilus), Karen Marie Watts

Theses/Dissertations from 1987


The Effect of a Self Directed Program on Locus Control and Control of Diabetes, Mary Elizabeth Boyle

Theses/Dissertations from 1981


A Parabolic Explanation of Flannery O'Connor's Short Fiction, Sarah E. Toombs

Theses/Dissertations from 1976


The Attitudes and Behavior of a Group of Students at Roosevelt High School Toward Classroom Dishonesty, Jean Morgan