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Theses/Dissertations from 2011

The Perceptions of African American Women Concerning the Intangible Cost(s) and/or Benefit(s) of a Post-Baccalaureate Education and Career Choices, Linn R. Waiters

Theses/Dissertations from 2010

Hispanic College Student Women Leaders' Sources of Knowledge and Self-Perceptions of Their Influence, Jackie Wright Anderson

The Current Impact of Leadership in Nigeria: Its Reality, Challenges and Perspectives, Nichodemus Obioma Ejimabo

Dispositional Resistance to Change and Impression Management Behavior, Harold Ethan Hardaway

The Transition of Visual Arts Education in the United States Into the Twenty-First Century, and the Implications for This Transition From John Dewey's Philosophy of Art Experience, Anne Goeman Jones

The Possible Influence of Iranian Culture on the Development of Leadership Attributes in Men and Women of Iranian Descent, Mitra Kermani

A Study of Korean Schools in South-Central United States: Meeting Needs and Expectations of Adolescents, Eun Young Kim

Relationship Between the Perceived Leadership Practices of Managers and Customer Satisfaction in Sports Centers in Taipei, Taiwan, Chia-Hao Liu

Assessing Business Risk: Development of the Entrepreneurial Risk Assessment Scale, D. Anthony Miles

Digital Natives: Elements of User Dissatisfaction, Roberto E. Montalvo

Crisis Speeches Delivered During World War II: A Historical and Rhetorical Perspective, Tomas E. Ramos

High-Achieving Mothers and the Choices They Make, Marcella Villegas-Garcia

Investigating Truancy in Secondary Schools, Langston B. Williams

The Influence of Paternalistic Leadership on Satisfaction Towards the Performance of the Division I Volleyball Athletes and Their Turnover Intention in Colleges/Universities in Taiwan, Chia-Chun Wu

The Relationships Among Leisure Participation, Leisure Satisfaction, and Emotional Intelligence Among Elementary School Teachers in Northern Taiwan, Chien Hsin Wu

Theses/Dissertations from 2009

Transformation from Entrepreneur to Happeneur: Disrupting the Status Quo, Paulette Martinez Bethel

Repeated Oral Reading Approach Versus Independent Silent Reading Approach for Reading Fluency and Comprehension, Jewell A. Borjes

Exploring Cultural Influence on Leadership Practices: A Case Study of Eight Taiwanese Immigrant Entrepreneurs in the Hotel Industry in South Texas, Yun-Hsi (Simon) Chang

The Relationship Among Employees' Work Values, Job Stress, and Job Satisfaction Before and During the Privatization of Three Commercial Banks in Taipei, Taiwan, Chih-Hsiung Cheng

Uninvested Leadership: A Quantitative Analysis of New Troop Leader Perceptions in Relation to Turnover Intentions in the Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas, Iolani Connolly

Accounting Education: A Comparative Study of Perception of Learning Outcomes in Traditional and Online Delivery Systems, Chun-Mei Lee Connor

Leadership Styles of Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps Instructors in a United States Southwest Metropolitan Secondary School District, Harry E. Creacy

The Relationship Between Sense of Humor and Self-Efficacy: An Exploration of the Beliefs of Art Teachers, Teri Evans-Palmer

The Possible Relationship Between Emotional Intelligence and Performance in Small Business Development Center Regional Groups in Texas, Michael J. Farlow

Employee Competencies of Taiwanese International Trade: Perceptions of Practitioners and Educators, Su-Chin Hsieh

Student Engagement Survey Results: Implications for Relationship Marketing, Jia-Jing Jien

Why Teachers Stay: A Phenomenological Study in Teacher Retention, Felecia M. Joiner

The Relationship Between Athlete's Perception of Intercollegiate Basketball Coach Leadership Behavior and Team Cohesiveness in Taiwan, Wei-Jen Lan

The Focolare Educational Model at the Sophia Higher Learning Institute for Cultural Studies, Gianantonio Michelon

Arab American Entrepreneurs: Investigating Experiences From Texas, Husam K. Omar

Exploring the Collaborative Process in the Context of a Cross-Cultural Team From the United States and Zambia, Georgia Lynn Piez

A Feasibility Study for a University in Bangladesh Under Catholic Sponsorship, Harold Bijoy Rodrigues

Exploring Educational Issues: International Nursing Students Enrolled in Professional Nursing Programs in South Texas and Their Perceptions of Educational Barriers, Wanda R. Sparks

Theses/Dissertations from 2008

Masculinity and Self Perception of Men Identified as Informal Leaders, Rolla M. Bradley

Language and Number Values: The Influence of the Explicitness of Number Names on Children's Understanding of Place Value, Sandra Browning

Student Engagement During the Transition From Single-Sex to Coeducation at the University Level: An Experience From Taiwan, Shu-Fen Chang

The Relationship Between Manager's Leadership Style and Employee Job Satisfaction in Selected Beijing Computer Software Companies, Xiaofeng Chen

Decentralization and Organizational Climate: Assessing the Relationship in a Law Enforcement Setting, Gustavo Guzman

Socialization of Foreign Information Technology Consultants in U.S. Organizations, Syed A. Haider

Undergraduate Publishing Education: Perceptions and Workforce Reality in Taiwan, Hui-Yi Ho

The Relationship Among Emotional Intelligence, Academic Achievement, and Demographic Characteristics in First-Year Community College Students, Ruben Izaguirre

San Antonio Export Leaders: A Case Study of Third-Party Assistance for Small Business, Sara Conley Jackson

African American Female Persisters in Higher Education: The Lived Experience, Arla Janeen Johnson


Study of the Success of Taiwanese Expatriate Managers on Overseas Assignments: A Grounded Theory Approach, Hsiu Ching Ko

The Relationships Among Life Stress, Attitude Toward MDMA (Ecstasy) Intake, and Leisure Participation of Students at Institutes of Technology in Taipei, Taiwan, Wen-Chieh Lei

Exploring Students' Decisions Regarding Studying Abroad: A Study of Private University Students in South Texas, Javier E. Lozano

Teaching and Learning Through Play: A Case Study of Taiwanese Kindergarten Teachers' Perceptions and Implementation of Play in a School Setting, Mei-Yi Shen

A Study of At-Risk Students' Experiences in a Residential Alternative Girls' School in Southern Taiwan, Li-Jean Tsai

Leisure Participation, Leisure Motivation, and Life Satisfaction for Elders in Public Senior Resident Homes in Taiwan, Chia-Chun Wang

Logistical Barriers Faced by Women on Parole: A Critical Ethnography, Alison Frances Whittemore


The Relationships Among Work Related Stress, Health Status, and Physical Activity Participation of Nurses in Teaching Hospitals in Taipei, Taiwan, Ming-Hui Yao

Theses/Dissertations from 2007

Describing the Values Within the Sub-Cultures at Hillside University, Lisa Blazer

From Operations to Performance: The Evolution of Chief Information Officers in Higher Education, Sara L. Boettcher

Relationships Between Motivation Factors and Physical Activity Participation of University Students in Taiwan., Sean Chang

the Women's Vocational Training Center, Abundi: A Case Study of the Development of a Rural Vocational Training School in Uganda, Marthe Downing Curry

Applying Grounded Theory: A Practical Guide for Understanding the Vision of Benedictine Education in the Philippines, Alejandro J. De Jesus

Internationalizing Courses: A Case Study of Community College Faculty., Alba De Leon

Women in Positions of Leadership and Gender-Specific Emotional Intelligence Attributes, Phyllis Ann Duncan


The Potential Benefits of Taking Introduction to Art for Non-Art Major College Students, Chia-Ying Hsieh

Recreational Motivation, Sensation Seeking, and Recreational Involvement of Taiwan's Adventure Recreation Participants., Tien-Chich Hsieh

Employees' Perception of Managers' Leadership Style, Employees' Motivation Levels, and Job Satisfaction in Mainland China and Taiwan, Chia-Yuan Hsu

Emotional Intelligence and Leadership in Taiwanese University Students, Chung-Jieh Huang

Using the Competing Values Framework to Compare Leaders' Roles, Managerial Activities/Behaviors, and Organizational Culture Between Generations of Family Business in Taiwan, Wen-Chia Huang

The Impact of Emotional Intelligence on the Academic Performance of At-Risk High School Students., Leslie Kvapil

The Relationship Between Situational Leadership Styles and Job Satisfaction in Overseas Taiwanese Companies in Mainland China, Yi-Hsuan Lee

Leading Distance Learning: Possible Differences in Subjects Enrolled in Online and Traditional Instruction., Cathy Mallory


Deconstructing the Corrido's Validity: The Transformation of the Corrido Into the Narcocorrido, Wayne D. Meals


Evolve or Dissolve: Will the "Extra, Extra" Save the Newspaper?, Elizabeth Ann Moreno

Rural Tanzanian Women's Agency: Experiences and Responses to Socio-Economic Challenges, Dorothy V. Nkuba


The Future of Television: An Analysis on the Impact of the Internet on Both National and Local Television, Sarae Rodriguez

Operating a U.S. University in China: Identifying Challenges Within a Joint Venture., Norman Scott St. Clair

The Relationships Among Presidential Leadership Behavior, University Culture and Leadership Effectiveness in Technology Universities in Taiwan, Ming-Hsun Wu

Leadership Behavior, Organizational Trust, and Organizational Commitment Among Volunteers in Taiwanese Non-Profit Foundations, Tzu-Jiun Yeh


The Potential for Transformation in Second Generation Afghan Women Through Graduate Education, Mahmud Yusuf

Theses/Dissertations from 2006

Exploring Spirituality: Midlife Christian Women's Experiences of Spiritual Growth and Formation and the Impact on Their Influence of Others, Margaret Alison Buck

Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) for Promoting Change: A Case Study in Tanzania, Paula Menezes Caffer

Athletes' Perceived and Preferred Leadership Behavior of Basketball Coaches at Universities in Taiwan, Diing-Ching Chang

An Exploration of Job Stress Impacts and the Organizational Commitment of Clinical Nursing Instructors at One University in Taiwan, Shu-Yuan Chang


Diabetes Prevention Education for Mexican American Women With Gestational Diabetes: Pilot Testing a Videotape, Carol Anne Easton

An Investigation of the Use and Effects of Instruction Time in Middle School Mathematics Classrooms, Monette Ayala Elizalde

A Comparative Analysis of the Effects of Reform and Traditional Pedagogy on Content Knowledge and Mathematics Affect in College Algebra Classes, Margaret Bruce Huddleston

Factors That Affect Succession in African American Family-Owned Businesses: A Case Study, Charles W. Hunt

A Study of University Teachers' Leadership Style and Students' Motivation in Taiwan Foreign Language Education, Nai-Hua Ko

Home Caring for Spouses With Terminal Cancer in the Last Stages of Their Illness: A Phenomenological Study of Middle-Aged Caregivers, Cleophas Baso Kukeya

School and Community: A Study of Secondary Suburban School and Community Relationships, Joseph Cyril Kulhanek

Self-Identification of Non-Cognitive Factors That Lead to Educational Success, Roberta Leichnitz

An Exploration of Recidivism and the Shared Experience of Incarceration Through Feature Film, Johnathan M. Marlow

Cooperative Learning in the Elementary Classroom: A Qualitative Study in Two Settings, a Private School and a Public School, Misty McNair


Application of Polymerase Chain Reaction to Screen Rodents from New Mexico, Texas, Bolivia, and Nicaragua for Leishmania and an Assessment of the Specificity of Primers, Robert Alan Miranda

The Relationships Among Physical Activity Participation, Health Related Self-Efficacy, and Levels of Stress of College Students in Taiwan, Tsung-I Pai

Organizational Learning Among Strategic Leaders in an International Transportation Organization, Chadwick L. Reese

Excellence in Employee Communication in Small Companies as Compared With Large Companies, Sheri Rosen

Classroom Teacher Attitudes Toward Inclusion With Emphasis on Students With Visual Impairments, Carolin Sinkfield

The Leadership of Dr. Joe L. Frost: A Life History Study, Lisa A. Uribe-Kozlovsky

Characteristics of Some U.S. Army Generals: An Exploratory Study, Richard Alan Villarreal

The Relationship Between Coaching Leadership Behaviors and Taiwanese Collegiate Tae Kwon Do Competitor's Satisfaction, Yuan-Sheng Wang

A Study of Leadership Styles and Foreign English Teachers' Job Satisfaction in Adult English Cram Schools of Taipei and Kaohsiung Cities in Taiwan, Fang Yi Wu

Significant Factors in College Students' Motivation and Learning Strategies in English Courses in Taiwan, Jui-Han Wu

Second Language Reading Comprehension and Patterns, Yu Chun Wu

The Effect of Leadership and Entrepreneurial Orientation of Small and Medium Enterprises on Business Performance in Taiwan, Chung-Wen Yang