An Analysis of Management and Development Structure of Fitness Centers in Taiwan

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)




Dorothy H. Ettling


Annette E. Craven


John H. Seffel


Richard Henderson


This descriptive study investigates the status of the fitness industry in Taiwan and analyzes its management systems and development structures. As health becomes an important concern for society, fitness is playing an important role in people’s lives. The fitness industry in Taiwan is maturing with respect to facilities and management with the development of the economy. Yet problems such as the qualification and certification of the management team and distorted development structures remain due to fierce competition in the industry. Little research on these areas has been done in Taiwan. A thorough analysis is necessary for the future development of the Taiwanese fitness industry. This descriptive study investigates the status of the industry and analyzes its management systems and development structures. The literature on the fitness industry was examined, and a survey and interviews were conducted with 75 owners and managers and 1,000 consumers in 25 for-profit, private fitness centers. A key finding in the study was the influence and pressure exerted by the presence of foreign fitness centers in Taiwan. They have pushed the quality of Taiwan’s centers to meet international standards and stressed the importance of programming and professional service. This study reveals the necessity of addressing three main areas for the future growth of the Taiwan fitness industry: equipment, programs, and development. The results of the study will be used to contribute to the current research about fitness centers in Taiwan and to offer recommendations on the management and development structures of the Taiwan fitness industry.

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