An Investigation of the Relationship Between Use of Information Technology and Company Size in Southern Taiwan Resort Industry

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)




Richard L. Henderson


Joseph Eyles


Nancy Robbins


Dorothy Ettling


The purpose of this research was to explore the possible relationship between Information Technology use and a number of measurable qualities including the size of companies in southern Taiwan's resort industry. The study employed the survey research method to determine whether a relationship exists between the dependent variable: Information Technology use, and the independent variable: company size and other measurable qualities of the company, measured by the Survey of Information Technology Usage in the Organization. A correlational research analysis was utilized to test the major research hypothesis and related research hypotheses. The goal of this study was to help managers and executives in Taiwan understand how important it was to integrate Information Technology into their businesses. The study showed a significant positive relationship between the use of Information Technology and size o f company in the southern Taiwan’s resort industry. The study also showed a significant relationship between the use of Information Technology and specific features of company executives, including: education, age and years of service of the chief executive in the company in southern Taiwan’s resort industry. All analysis indicated a significant relationship except for the gender of the leader.

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