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Master of Arts (MA)


Communication Arts


Valerie K. Greenberg


Michael L. Mercer


Television has served as the most influential medium in the 20th century. Its popularity soared as programming developed on broadcast TV in the 1950s. Like television, the Internet was developed slowly in stages, over a number of years. Today, both mediums are widely used. However, more people are starting to read, view and download television news and entertainment content on the Internet. In order tor the major networks and local TV stations to transition in the media broadcasting industry, station websites have become a requirement, so viewers may have the alternative to watch television on the Internet. This transition has resulted in many changes for the network's and local TV station's news, entertainment and advertising practices. In this thesis, the author will research, analyze, identify, compare and discuss the changes networks and local TV stations have undergone due to the influences from the Internet. A short history of television and the Internet will be provided, to include the adoption of interactive television websites on the Internet. The researchers' areas of primary concentration will consist of news and entertainment content and video streaming, along with advertising. The purpose of the research is to explore the current TV and Internet convergence on a national and local level.

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