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Master of Arts (MA)


Communication Arts


Valerie Greenberg


Lynn Markene Bennett


Vincent Rodriguez


The classic corrido is a part of Mexican tradition and is woven into Mexico's rich cultural history. Listeners have endeared corridos for generations simply for the storytelling. They characterize small Mexican communities and their iconic heroes and represent the hope and courage that they must have in the face of injustice, oppression or danger. The protagonist in the corrido, commonly possessing the characteristics of Robin Hood, is a constant theme. This hero character also meets with an untimely death, usually the result of betrayal. The heightening of the element of conflict and violent death has transformed the classic corrido into the narcocorrido. It is often compared to American rap and the hip-hop music genre, glorifying violence, corruption and illegal activities. As with the classic corrido, the narcocorrido also has its icons, although some become icons through self-proclamation by commissioning the ballads. This study explores the content of the corrido and its role as the narrative of Mexican culture. Through in-depth video recordings of interviews in the field, the researcher gathers information on stories, folklore and personal experiences associated with the corrido.