Date of Degree


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Master of Arts (MA)


Communication Arts


Valerie Greenberg


Social media is impacting society at an extremely fast pace. With so many social media platforms available to individuals, social media is becoming a necessary method of communication. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln, Pinterest, and many other international sites are being used to to communicate with others and share information. Since this method has become highly used, local businesses and corporate companies are now needing to implement a social media marketing strategy to reach their target audience and interact with customers. The international statistical data gathered in Heidelberg Germany expresses this necessity of social media implementation due to the high volume of users. The individuals surveyed also convey thoughts and opinions, as well as list the current platforms used. With the increasing amount of users on Facebook, and other international sites, businesses in Germany need to react to this trend and implement new ways to increase profitability. In analyzing this method of communication, the reader can understand the correlation between individuals communicating through social media and the impact it has to improve how businesses are marketed through social media.