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Master of Arts (MA)


Communication Arts


Valerie K. Greenberg


Michael L. Mercer


Sergio Salinas


Newspapers have always been the trusted source of information for many years by many. The Internet and other electronic mediums have tested that tendency in recent years. Newspapers have been making changes and evolving to remain a medium of choice in the 21st century. Due to declines in circulation numbers and instabilities in advertising revenue, newspapers have found new ways to continue to be successful. They have encompassed an online presence by the use of online newspapers, fragmented and localized by the use of niche publications and reached the untouched Hispanic and Mexican market by the use of Spanish-language publications. For those newspapers, which have made changes, it has proven to be profitable. The opportunities are tremendous, but not without hard work. Newspapers may not be growing in terms of circulation, but are growing by becoming "Newspaper Multi-Mediums." Along with their core product, newspapers offer many components to reach readers through journalistic integrity and advertising.