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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)




Judith Beauford


Kevin Vichcales


Absael Antelo


Each and every evening many people do not have a home to return to. Solving the epidemic problem of homelessness is an ongoing pursuit. Analyzing issues related to homelessness will help solve the problem of homelessness for some individuals and families. Data was gathered, prioritized and analyzed to determine correlations and relationships between completion of a transformational shelter’s program and mental illness, substance abuse, and trauma. Demographic variables were assessed as well. A person is more likely to complete the program if they have a substance abuse issue. Females are more likely than males to complete the program. Program completion is more likely as a person gets older. This study is significant because as it communicates a 47.6% completion rate for this new transformational shelter located in the southwestern part of the United States. The contribution of this research is providing a greater understanding of the impact that substance abuse has on the homeless population. Additionally, an understanding that female members are experiencing a greater level of success at completing the program than men. Social workers can now be better equipped to meet the needs of individuals in their shelters. This study will add significance to the overall research on homelessness because there is currently limited research proving the validity of an integrated program available. This study is foundational to understanding the factors that contribute to homelessness and the relationships that these factors have with successful completion of the individualized program.