Date of Degree


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Master of Arts (MA)


Communication Arts


Enrique Esquivel-Lopez


Trey D. Guinn


Based on the theory of media ecology, this study explores the cultural commons between traditional and non-traditional education in secondary schools. Postman's study of media ecology presents the notion that media technology plays an integral part in society and cannot be overlooked; more so, technologies should be used as an ecological learning tool to balance education systems (Postman 1992). Within the past four years, U.S. education witnessed over 100,000 students leave the traditional classroom to embark on a virtual education journey (Miron, Horvitz, and Gulosino, 2013). The purpose of this exploratory study is to examine how teachers create a media ecosystem in their own classroom environments. Findings from the current study suggest meaningful and sustainable strategies for strengthening learning communities in traditional and nontraditional secondary school systems. Future research will highlight areas of improvement needed for creating a more cohesive integration program for all educators.