Date of Degree


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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)




Sandra Guzman-Foster


LuElla D'Amico


Leslie Martinez


This dissertation, my scholarly professional narrative (SPN), is a self-reflection of mentoring experiences as a Latina millennial in academia and professional settings. These experiences are told through the art of storytelling using testimonio, which promotes a critical awareness of cultural intersectionality and intercultural understanding through first person narrative. My experiences with mentorship in personal, academic, and professional workspaces include mentors who may or may not have influenced my own journey as a doctoral student and business professional as a Latina millennial. Using testimonio helps explain certain cultural challenges, specific scenarios or experiences, familial responsibilities, and cultural barriers, and how identities are preserved, used, and recognized in individual social contexts. This deeply reflective SPN-testimonio introduces a deeper, meaningful, and mutual learning relationship for audiences to connect with the researcher. This dissertation follows a non-traditional format because many personal experiences serve as the data of experiences for this SPN-testimonio. The goal of this study is to use SPN-testimonio to emphasize the weight of responsibility one Latina woman has had to complete a doctorate program and maintain a professional career outside of academia and how the umbrella of mentorship has been a part of that journey. Most importantly, this study shows the capability and adaptability of a Latina’s experiences within multiple personal and professional environments and how identities are often created because of cultural influences, decision making, and personal motivation.