Date of Degree


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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)




Arthur Hernandez


Wowek S. Kearney


Theresa Garfield


The purpose of this survey study was to explore the factor structure of a newly adapted survey called the Modified Principles of Adult Learning Scale (MPALS) with students at a 4-year Hispanic Serving Institution. The examination of the factor structure of the new instrument was done in order to analyze student perception of professor’s instructional approach (i.e., application of Constructivist Learning Theory). The MPALS is a 44-item questionnaire that upon analysis yielded three factors, titled Student Centered, Subject Centered, and Teacher Centered, which supports its use as a student measure of instructional approach consistent with Constructivist Learning Theory. The experience of engaging this tool may provide respondents a framework for insight into their own opinions about teaching and learning as students and affect how they will teach and their personal philosophy of education and instruction. Faculty might benefit from utilizing this instrument to examine student perceptions about the nature of instruction. Administrators and other educators may explore the use of the MPALS as a tool to predict student success based on the match between student perspective of instruction and instructor practice (or perspective).