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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)




Norman St. Clair


George Williams


Jacquelyn Poplawsky Ortiz


Student services plays an essential role in higher education not only by reducing student dropout rates, but also by increasing student retention. This study explored the role of student services in promoting student retention which in turn addresses the problem of college student drop out at a private, non-profit Ugandan university. The purpose of the study was to identify the types of student services available at the university and understand how such are utilized to meet student needs and promote student retention. A qualitative case study method was be used to understand the role of student services in student retention from admission through graduation. Data was be collected using semi-structured interviews, documents, and an institutional assessment tool based on Documenting Effective Educational Practices commonly known as (DEEP). Significant findings of the study may be used by student affairs personnel at the University, to implement those programs identified by participants as the most effective in reducing student dropout and increasing retention.