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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)




Arthur E. Hernández


Stephanie Hartzell


Danielle Alsandor


Higher education administrations use Student Evaluation of Teacher (SET) frequently as a performance metric for instructors and professors. Many decisions are being at least partially made based on SET results such as recruiting, retention, and promotion decisions. SET has been subject of many studies but just recently leadership style is being studied as a factor affecting SET. Research shows instructors’ transformational leadership in classrooms can lead to more effective and efficient classrooms, which in turn yields higher student satisfaction and academic gains. In this Study, the relationship between SET and transformational/transactional leadership style has been examined using structural equation modeling. The leadership data has been collected using infamous MLQ questionnaire. Testing the construct validity of the MLQ factors used in this study, using confirmatory factor analysis indicated that the original construct proposed by developers of MLQ cannot be applied in a higher education setting. The results indicate that the perception of undergraduate student from leadership style of instructors has no significant effect on SET. However, the difference between student and instructor perception from the (self) leadership style of the instructor can significantly define SET.