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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)




Noah Kasraie


Sarah Jackson


Robin Guerrero


Research Focus. The purpose of this study was to examine the extent to which the entrepreneurs in South Texas are aware of the Lean Startup Methodology, and have utilized its principles in their business startup decisions. If so, how have these Lean Methods impacted their ongoing operational management? Additionally, this study ascertains the degree of satisfaction these entrepreneurs have with their startup processes. Finally, this study determines whether selected entrepreneurs would recommend a Lean Startup approach to other entrepreneurs. The research focused only upon selected business entities formed since 2000.

Research Methods. This study utilized a survey methodology. In particular, Creswell’s instruction found in The Survey Design (2014, p.157) was implemented. The purpose of doing a survey design here was to sample a population of San Antonio business entrepreneurs so that inferences can be made about whether their use or not, of the Lean Startup theory, can be used to generalize to a larger population of entrepreneurs. A survey was desired because of the economy of design, plus the potential for rapid turnaround without invasive interviews. This survey was cross-sectional and data collected within a short period. This survey was collected electronically utilizing a web-hosted service called SurveyMonkey.

Research Results/Findings. The results of this study reveal statistical significance when four independent variables are analyzed. Specifically, they are the type of industry, year of the company founding, job role, and the number of personal startups. Overall only 9.3% of the respondents indicated that were familiar with the Lean Startup terminology and principles.

Conclusions from Research. This study reveals that although the Lean Startup thinking has been around since 2005, and specifically published since 2011, the South Texas business community has very little knowledge of it. In fact, it hardly seems to be on the methodology-radar and mindset of most queried. While the Lean Startup approach holds much-promised guidance and food for thought to anyone desiring to begin a business, this study shows it is not readily known at the street level in South Texas. The trickle-down from origination to shoe leather implementation is either too slow or is being passed over. Continuous elucidation of the Lean Startup principles, coupled with incorporation of this process into traditional institutions including MBA programs at universities, may prove effective over time.

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