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Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)


Business Administration


Dr. Ryan B. Lunsford, Program Director


Dr. Diana R. Garza, Committee Chair


Dr. Anthony J. Ojo, Committee Member


Dr. Jeannie J. Scott, Committee Member


In the modern economic environment, demographic shifts in U.S. population resulting from changing immigration, changing economic policies and environments, and growing socioeconomic disparity, scholarly research examining the business behavior of specific groups and the impact of behavior on the broader marketplace is valuable and necessary. Hispanic entrepreneurs, when compared to both minority and non-minority business-owners, started and flourished in successful business ownership at a greater growth rate than any other group (Davila, Mora, & Zeitlin, 2014). Since the beginning of the 21st century, Hispanic entrepreneurs have become a measurable economic force. The cultural experience of the Hispanic entrepreneur is important to examine to understand the phenomenon of this growth. Rooted in both cultural and entrepreneurial theory, this research study identified the key cultural factors that influenced 20 Texas Latino entrepreneurial leaders and examined the impact of their cultural experience on their motivations, challenges, and successes as related to the pursuit of enterprise creation.