The Influence of Paternalistic Leadership on Satisfaction Towards the Performance of the Division I Volleyball Athletes and Their Turnover Intention in Colleges/Universities in Taiwan

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)




Timothy Henrich


Jessica Kimmel


Richard Henderson


Hsin-I Liu


The purpose of this study was to investigate the possible relationships between satisfaction, turnover intention, and paternalistic leadership style of coaches among male and female Division 1 volleyball players in Taiwan. Four hundred and thirty two university volleyball players and 24 coaches were asked to participate in this study; 316 volleyball players completed the questionnaires for a response rate of 73.15% and 24 coaches completed the questionnaires for a response rate of 100%. Three instruments were used in this research: Paternalistic Leadership Questionnaire, Athlete Satisfaction Questionnaire, and Turnover Intention Questionnaire. The results showed that (a) female coaches use more paternalistic leadership than male coaches; (b) coaches who have more experience use more authoritarian leadership in paternalistic leadership; (c) female players respond more positively to coaches' moral leadership, and male players respond more to coaches' authoritarian leadership; (d) players are more satisfied with female coaches, part time coaches, young coaches, and coaches who have less experience; (e) female players have higher satisfaction than male players; (f) players who have more experience and have played volleyball longer have higher satisfaction; (g) coaches who are older and have more experience cause higher turnover intention in players; (h) male players have higher turnover intention; (i) players with less experience have higher turnover intention; (j) coaches' moral and benevolence leadership have direct influence on players' turnover intention; (k) the athlete satisfaction categories teammates, invest in, support, and coach's attitude directly influence players' turnover intention.

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