Arab American Entrepreneurs: Investigating Experiences From Texas

Date of Degree


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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)




Francis Musa Boakari


Timothy Henrich


Richard Gray


This dissertation examines the cultural experiences of Arab American entrepreneurs who have settled in South Texas. Arab Americans comprise one of the most thriving and successful minority ethnic groups in the United States who began arriving in the United States at the end of the 19th century. Their rate of immigration increased in the later part of the 20th century due to many pull and push factors. The Arab American community at large is a group that is under-studied and under-documented. This research was to shed some light on the experiences of some members of this group. Data were collected for this study through open-ended interviews with Arab Americans who have been practicing their entrepreneurial activities for a number of years. Analysis revealed that acculturation and cultural adjustments were necessary for success in the business world; assimilation, however, was not. All the Arab American entrepreneurs interviewed discussed the importance of acculturation and cultural adjustment for their ability to succeed in business. At the end of the research findings, a number of suggestions and recommendations are made for future researchers and entrepreneurs.

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