Describing the Values Within the Sub-Cultures at Hillside University

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)




Francis Boakari


Annette Craven


Rosalie Ambrosino


Renee Moore


The purpose of this study was to describe the values that exist within the sub-cultures of Student Affairs, Business Affairs and Academic Affairs at Hillside University. Hillside University (pseudonym assigned by researcher) is one the fastest growing public universities in the country. Hillside University is considered an emerging research institution as well as committed to its public mission of access and opportunity. This creates competing goals for the university. Values were examined in order to further explore the current organizational culture that exists at Hillside and the differences that may exist between the sub-cultures. This study utilized a quantitative approach involving the collection of data through surveys using the Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument (OCAI), adapted from Cameron and Quinn’s original instrument. The findings of this study showed that Student Affairs, Business Affairs and Academic Affairs all indicated a current hierarchy culture where stability, structure and clear lines of decision-making authority are valued. The study also showed that all three subcultures indicated a preferred future clan culture where flexibility, an extended family atmosphere and employee development are valued. A change to clan values will require a well-planned organizational culture shift to increase organizational effectiveness. While this particular quantitative study does not provide every piece of information needed to fully describe the values that exist at Hillside, it provides the grounding for further research and studies that may impact not only Hillside University but also other universities that struggle to adapt to the changes in our society, in higher education and within universities and colleges.

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