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Doctoral Project

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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)




Julio Lujano-Gutierrez


Kami Rapp


Background. Despite prevention strategies, hospital acquired pressure injuries continue to occur, especially in intensive care units. This led to an impetus for nurses to have a robust knowledge of pressure injuries to promulgate prevention strategies in their practice. Significance of the Problem. The hospital acquired pressure injury rate in the medical surgical intensive care unit for the year 2019 at Hospital X was greater than the national benchmark. Purpose. The global aim statement was to improve the quality of patient care by developing an evidence based educational suite in collaboration with interdisciplinary team members for prevention of hospital acquired pressure injuries. Objectives. The objectives included creating an evidence based educational suite, utilizing a standardized scale to assess risk factors, and refining the visual documentation of high-risk anatomy. Methods. This Quality Improvement Project took place in the intensive care unit of Hospital X. The educational session in a dedicated classroom was followed a tandem integumentary assessment. The utilization of a standardized scale and the visual documentation of high risk anatomy was logged on a daily basis. Outcomes. Among 48 nurses, 43 (90%) attended the evidence based educational suite and performed a tandem integumentary assessment. Among 1,896 opportunities for a skin risk, 1,580 (83%) were completed. The visual documentation of high-risk anatomy by ICU staff went from 17% to 65% compliance. Implications for Practice. A multidisciplinary team looked at the evidence-based care regarding hospital acquired pressure injuries and assisted the care team to be able to work within the means of the technology and equipment which is available.