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Doctoral Project

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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)




Jean Dowling Dols


HPV is the most prevalent sexually transmitted infection in the United States and is linked to six different types of cancer cell development. Prevention of infection from this virus could save hundreds of thousands of lives worldwide. An evidence-based quality improvement project was designed to increase the identification of HPV vaccination opportunities in the adult primary care setting to improve HPV vaccination rates. A protocol and patient eligibility algorithm were developed to align primary care practice with recently updated CDC guidelines. Interventions included clinic staff and provider education, designation of a vaccination champion, a flag within the patient chart to alert the provider, the use of a strong provider recommendation, and patient education through handouts, posters, and provider instruction. Response to COVID-19 pandemic required the project leader to restructure interventions, which effectively sustained the project with improved outcomes. Providers identified vaccination opportunities in 100 of the 184 patients 18 through 45 years of age, improving rate of identified vaccination opportunities from 0% to 54.3% during the 41 days of active implementation. There was a statistically significant relationship (p < .000) between a strong provider recommendation and the patient’s willingness to start or complete their HPV vaccination. Identifying HPV vaccination opportunities in adults aged 18 through 45 in the primary care setting improves patient’s quality of health through promotion of health and cancer prevention. Future clinics should consider the value of DNP prepared NPs being experts in implementing evidence-based practice.