Date of Degree


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Doctoral Project

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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)




Christopher Weidlich


The purpose of this quality improvement project was to create optimal quality indicators for hypertension measures using evidence-based practice to improve metric percentages, improving hypertension management for the practice. Implementing associated interventions for the quality measures and providing the interprofessional team with fundamental knowledge of inclusion and exclusion criteria and will empower the team with knowledge, improving patient care.

An expert panel was chosen to conduct a series of three PDSA cycles for systematic measurement until desired quality indicators were achieved, within a three-month duration. The expert panel consisted of the head physician, a physician assistant, the facility administrator and coordinator, the quality measurement manager, and two registered nurses. The outcome of the project consisted of having the quality indicators completed after the PDSA cycles, tracking the measure percentages weekly through the integrated dashboard, with a goal of ten percent improvement to hypertension quality measures by May 21, 2020.

After a series of three PDSA cycles from February 7, 2020, to April 24, 2020, the finalized quality indicators are medication agreement greater than or equal to 80% equals 292 days, and controlled hypertension greater than or equal to 140/90 with the same inclusion and exclusion criteria per Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services guidelines. As of April 24, 2020, the medication agreement quality indicator improved from 33% to 40%, and the controlled hypertension quality indicator improved from 63% to 80%.