Date of Degree


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Doctoral Project

Degree Name

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)




Danielle Gunter


Diane Toney


Purpose: Implementation of a diabetic self-management and education program based on the 2017 national standards of care.

Background: Empowering patients with the knowledge to manage their diabetes in conjunction with health care provider’s recommendations is essential. The American Association of Diabetes (2012) and American Association of Diabetic Educators (2017) have deemed the use of diabetic self-management education and support as the highest level of evidence based practice to prevent and effectively manage the long-term complications of diabetes (Burke, Sherr & Lipman, 2014).

Methods: The project was implemented at a family practice clinic in south San Antonio. A diabetic self-management and education team was identified and worked to improve the current diabetic education curriculum provided in established classes in order to match the 2017 national standards. Previously, only select patients enrolled in an external healthcare funding grant were referred to attend these classes. This project also improved the provider referral process and patient scheduling system to allow all patients the opportunity to attend. Project evaluation included weekly review of provider diabetic education referral rates and patient attendance in scheduled classes.

Results: The project improved the number of patient referrals for diabetic education from 0% to 11%. A sustainable diabetic education and self-management program was created to adhere to evidence based practice guidelines.

Implications for Practice: The implications for practice identify how collaboration to implement evidence based practice guidelines for diabetic education can be incorporated into a primary care setting and in a cost-effective and sustainable fashion.