Date of Degree


Document Type

Doctoral Project

Degree Name

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)




Dr. Danielle Gunter, PhD, RN, CPN


Dr. Carl E. Dukes, M.D.


Background: The normal process of aging causes numerous physiological changes that affect pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics. Therefore, the geriatric population is more vulnerable to the effects of potentially inappropriate medication. The American Geriatric Society’s Beers Criteria identifies potentially inappropriate medication to be avoided for this population and can be implemented in efforts to avoid risks associated for this population.

Aim and Methods: The purpose of this project was to implement the Beers Criteria to identify potentially inappropriate medications among patients 65 years and older. The objectives were to increase the percentage of charts reviewed for inappropriate medications and to increase the use of alternative treatments based on Beers Criteria recommendations.

Results: During the medication reconciliation process, the Beers Criteria was implemented to assess for inappropriate medications for eligible patients. A checklist was utilized to document the intervention process and the physician’s decision to continue or alter treatment. On a weekly basis, the student determined the percentage of charts reviewed and the percentage of altered treatment. Of the 112 geriatric patients included, 103 (91.3%) patients had their medications reviewed and 59 (57.2%) patients had at least one potentially inappropriate medication identified. However, only 7 (11.8%) patients had the medication altered.

Implications for Practice: The implementation of the Beers Criteria will assist healthcare providers in identifying potentially inappropriate medications, preventing use of these medications, and utilizing alternative treatment to promote medication safety and optimize patient outcomes in geriatric patients.