Date of Degree


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Doctoral Project

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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)




Maureen Rauschhuber


Group A Streptococcal (GAS) pharyngitis is one of the most common pediatric illnesses and accounts for more than ten million yearly medical visits. GAS is commonly misdiagnosed due to overlapping symptoms. The health care provider needs to distinguish which criteria warrant testing for GAS and the recommendations for management and treatment.

The purpose and objectives of this quality improvement project were to improve adherence to the 2021 Canadian guidelines for the management and treatment of GAS pharyngitis in a small community urgent care clinic. Anticipated outcomes for this project included a decrease in unnecessary testing for GAS pharyngitis, a decrease in the overuse of antibiotics, and an increase in the recommended pharmacological treatment for GAS.

There was a reduction in unnecessary testing, an increase in the use of the recommended treatment of choice, and a decrease in the overuse of antibiotics observed during the project. A knowledge deficit was noted within the staff regarding the procedure for obtaining a throat swab; this alone contributed to inaccurate results, which led to repeated visits to the clinic. The overlapping of viral symptoms and those indicative of GAS was the primary reason for unnecessary testing. The use of appropriate antibiotics to treat GAS significantly improved during the project. After the project, the providers and staff had an increased knowledge of the 2021 Canadian guidelines for managing and treating GAS among children. There was a 100% improvement in the clinic’s adherence to the recommended guidelines.