Date of Degree


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Degree Name

Master of Arts in Religion (MAR)


Pastoral Ministry


Eilish Ryan


University Presbyterian Church has recently developed an adult education program called The SoL (Source of Light) Center. In operation for nearly a year, the SoL Center is a faith-based education center for adults, who seek to explore the full dimensions of Christian life in the 21st century. A dynamic board of directors representing diverse theological and religious backgrounds has supported the SoL Center. These individuals have provided the leadership for the first year of operations.

For my pastoral project, I will utilize my organizational development coursework in combination with the Pastoral Institute study to facilitate the development of by-laws under which the SoL Center can operate. I would also like to facilitate the development of a strategic plan addressing goals, organizational objectives and strategies for accomplishing these goals. Working closely with the board of directors (as the focus group) and the operating committees these goals and strategies will support the direction of the SoL Center and its staff. Benchmarks will be identified to support SoL Center decision-making including programming funding, resource development, volunteer management, and marketing. Staff and volunteer needs will be identified as will strategies to meet these needs. The final outcome will include a written strategic plan, which the SoL Center will use as a guideline for operation.

An evaluation will be utilized to measure the impact of the strategic planning retreat. Additional assessment will occur as the strategic plan is implemented.