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Neoplasms, Unknown Primary; Adenocarcinoma; Orbital Cellulitis Orbital Neoplasms; Optometrists; Biopsy; Adenocarcinoma; Referral and Consultation


Background: Orbital tumors are uncommon entities seen by optometrists. They may initially present as common, benign conditions, but if not appropriately diagnosed can lead to devastating results.

Case Report: This case report demonstrates an atypical presentation of adenocarcinoma that was initially diagnosed as preseptal cellulitis. The patient in this case was ultimately referred for imaging and biopsy to reveal the correct diagnosis. Despite treatment, this patient died about 1 year after his clinical presentation.

Conclusion: The detection of orbital tumors and the subsequent management of patients with orbital tumors can be challenging. When considering orbital tumors as a possible diagnosis, careful examination is necessary to identify key clinical characteristics and to assist with ordering the appropriate imaging studies. Identifying these critical findings will allow an eye care provider to make a timely and appropriate referral for continued management of the patient.

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