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Optometrists; Carcinoma; Basal Cell; Hair Follicle; Biopsy; Eyelids; Skin Neoplasms



Background: Solitary trichoepithelioma is a rare benign tumor of hair follicle origin. Although trichoepithelioma has a predilection for the face and neck, it is not usually found on the eyelids. It has similar clinicopathological features to basal cell carcinoma. Surgical excision and histopathologic analysis is helpful for correct diagnosis.

Case Report: A 59-year-old Caucasian female presented with a raised, reddish oval mass on the right lower eyelid. The mass had telangiectatic blood vessels on its surface, was non-pigmented and slightly umbilicated. It was in close approximation of the eyelid margin causing distortion and poor apposition of the lid to the globe. The mass was completely removed under local anesthesia using the tissue-sparing surgical technique known as shave biopsy. Histopathologic analysis confirmed the mass to be a trichoepithelioma.

Conclusion: Optometrists should be able to differentiate benign trichoepithelioma from basal cell carcinoma.

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