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Humans; Male; Aged; Retinal Perforations; Quality of Life; Prostatic Neoplasms; Diabetes Mellitus; Macula Lutea; Tomography, Optical Coherence


Background: Bilateral, full-thickness macular holes are a rare condition that can substantially affect quality of life. Macular hole diagnosis and treatment is key for these patients.

Case Report: A 71 year old Caucasian male presented with a chief complaint of distance blur in both eyes, worsening over the past 1-2 weeks. He had no diagnosis of diabetes. He added that his prostate cancer had spread and that his last treatment ended 9 days ago. He was ultimately diagnosed with bilateral, full-thickness macular holes. Referral to a retinal specialist for surgical management yielded good results.

Conclusion: This is the first case report documenting bilateral macular holes in a patient with these systemic meds to date. More research on any potential ocular side effects of these medications is recommended.

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