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Male; Adult; Syphilis; Neurosyphilis; Optic Nerve; Optic Nerve Diseases; Syphilis Serodiagnosis; Eye Infections, Bacterial


Background: Detection and treatment of syphilitic ocular disease without a known history of syphilis is often difficult due to its varied presentations. Early diagnosis and treatment are the key to reducing risk of permanent vision loss, particularly with optic nerve and retinal manifestations.

Case Report: This case report describes a 44 year-old male who was diagnosed with neurosyphilis through his work-up for unilateral optic neuropathy.

Conclusion: This report illustrates the importance of including syphilis lab testing in the setting of optic nerve edema. Syphilis should be considered in any inflammatory ocular disease, especially in patients with atypical presentations and high-risk populations. As the incidence of syphilis continues to rise, it is important that eye care providers play a vital role in prompt diagnosis to decrease the risk of vision loss and limit further spread of the disease.

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