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Herpesvirus 1, Human; Debridement; Keratitis, Herpetic; DNA Viruses; Virion


Background: The Herpes virus is ubiquitous in our patient population. Often it is present without symptoms, however, it may present with pain, irritation, and decreased vision. In high-risk populations a longer course of treatment is often required.

Case Report: This case report will detail the treatment options and outcome in a patient with herpes keratitis who also is HIV positive and addresses concerns about treating immunocompromised patients.

Conclusion: This case serves as a review of common and uncommon treatment options for herpes keratitis as well as a review of potential causes of this presentation. Herpetic keratitis is likely to be something most providers will encounter during their careers. Use of oral antivirals is often more cost effect, better tolerated, and improves compliance.

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