Verbum Incarnatum: An Academic Journal of Social Justice


Given the role that “far-right Christianism” plays in fomenting suspicion and prejudice against non-Christians, this article argues that feminist and liberation theologies are critical for effective theory. Theoretical analysis is more robust when combined with critical feminist and liberation theological analyses for three reasons. First, religion is often appealed to as the moral underpinning of many positions in public debates when in fact it is being used to reinforce dominant systems of power. Second, without critical feminist and liberation theologians and ethicists taking a part in public debates, often the loudest or only religious voice heard in public debates has been that of a few conservative Christian groups with enormous power to define what counts as “Christian” for everyone else. Finally, perhaps the most critical potential contribution of critical feminist and liberation theologies and ethics is in the motivation they bring as many freedom struggles have been inspired by religious faith. This article utilizes these theories to critique the ad called “Kill the Ground Zero Mosque” developed by the National Republican Trust PAC and to expose its xenophobic and racist message.