Verbum Incarnatum: An Academic Journal of Social Justice


The most avowedly religious and Christian of all the developed nations, America is also a country perennially ready to answer the call to arms, disproportionately disposed to wage war against other nations and a wide range of social ills, and habituated to justifying these crusades and campaigns by casting them as part of some cosmic battle against the forces of evil and sin. An apocalyptic strain, which has long shaped America's religious imagination, is often used to mobilize an unreasonably frightened public into unnecessary and counterproductive "wars" and to demonize internal or external groups so as to justify violations and abuses of their rights and dignity. The present war on terror offers a classic example of the use of fear and apocalyptic theology to manipulate Americans to wage an unnecessary and counterproductive war, and it challenges Christian theology to find other ways to interpret and respond to all measures of threats facing our nation and world