Verbum Incarnatum: An Academic Journal of Social Justice


The question concerning the identity and message of Jesus of Nazareth is fundamentally important for Catholic universities and colleges. This has always been true, but today's pluralistic and ecumenical setting presses us to think in new ways. This essay draws attention to two types of Christologies, one Fom "above" and one .fom "below, " that have been a part of the Christian tradition and examines their viability in contemporary Christian faith-based education. In conclusion. it is argued that a Christology from Below, which rejects theological claims concerning the divine identity of Jesus as a starting point in favor of beginning with the fullness of his humanity, is better suited for Catholic universities. Such an approach to understanding the identity and message of Jesus preserves the interrogative value of the incarnation. has a more universal appeal, helps articulate a true humanism and is most relevant to the generation coming of age.

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