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Master of Arts in Religion (MAR)


Pastoral Ministry


Eilish Ryan


Extending the Incarnation through the Ages is a program that aims to help formation directors in the diverse houses of formation of the Sisters of the Incarnate Word and Blessed Sacrament by offering a systematic study of the history of the Order of the Incarnate Word. This program intends to help women in formation to articulate the historical and spiritual development of the Order. Through an in-depth study of the historical journey of the Order, women are offered a process to help them to reflect on the relationship of Jeanne Chezard de Mate! with the Person of the Incarnate Word as the force that impelled the expansion of the Order. It is the hope of the program that, through reflecting on the history, the struggles and graces received, and the service the sisters have given, sisters in formation will be able to commit to the building of the Reign of God by becoming women of the Incarnation in our current reality.