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Master of Arts in Religion (MAR)


Pastoral Ministry


Eilish Ryan


My project will be to offer assistance to the staff of Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish in Helotes, Texas, in the area of adult faith formation. This will be a two-part project over the course of a nine-month period. The first part will be to examine various Scripture Study programs, select one as a "test," offer it in the Fall of 2002, and evaluate it for possible continuation or rejection.

The second element of this project will be to assess the needs, desires and availability of adults regarding other aspects of adult faith formation. Our Lady of Guadalupe is a rapidly growing parish and it has been several years since the parishioners were last surveyed. An assessment of adult faith formation needs will be conducted by a survey in the Spring of 2003.

Documents of the Second Vatican Council and more recently, from the United States Bishops have repeatedly stressed the importance of adult faith formation. In line with these guidelines, Our Lady of Guadalupe plans to hire an Adult Faith Formation Coordinator as soon as possible. It is my desire that my project will be of assistance to this new staff member for the purposes of future planning