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Doctoral Project

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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)




Holly DiLeo


Terri Cheeley


As many as 216,000 people living with HIV are unaware they have the disease. In order to combat the inadvertent spreading of HIV, the CDC recommends screening everyone 13 – 64 years of age. The purpose of this Quality Improvement project was to implement the 2015 Sexually Transmitted Diseases Treatment Guidelines as it pertains to HIV screening within a Southeast Texas rural health clinic. The objectives were 1) educating all staff and patients regarding the CDC recommendations for HIV screening, and 2) increase the number of eligible patients who were offered and received HIV screening. A colored checklist served as a data collection tool and reminder for HIV screening. Education was presented to providers and patients via handouts with each provider completing a pre and post-tests after completion. Of the 518 eligible patients, 284 had a checklist completed. Of those, 54.8% of patients were offered HIV testing and 13 patients had HIV labs completed. There was a 42.2% increase in documented HIV screenings during the 6-week implementation period. Some limitations for the project were staffing changes, provider vacations, lack of understanding on the need for testing, funding, and facility stressors. HIV awareness and the recommendations for screening assists in removing the stigma surrounding this disease. More patients who are aware of their status will aid in decreasing the inadvertent spreading of HIV and allow for early treatment.